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VP Racing Fuel Nitro 50 NM50 50/50 Mix of Nitromethane And Methanol (5 Gal)

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Nitro 50 is a mix of 50% Methanol and 50% VP M1 Methanol

Why is VP Fuel more expensive than what is available at the pump or at the track?

Beside the hefty New York State fuel surcharge and taxes (there are 3 different state taxes just to get them over the bridges to us!), VP Race Fuels all come in specially sealed containers. These containers prevent any evaporation of any additives or of the fuel itself, eliminating any chances of the octane ratings lowering and/or changing. This results in the purest form of race fuel made available to you once you open the containers. Race gas at the pump or track is usually kept in tanks either above or underground. And as you might know already, massive amounts of sediments are trapped inside, resulting in contaminated fuel. Not only that, evaporation occurs by the second, and although you may be buying 100 octane at the pump, you are, in reality, getting 95-97 octane! That's not right! All VP Race Fuels are specially sealed in containers until the day you open it and use it. The result is the purest form of liquid horsepower available.