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4Cyl Fuel Injector Cleaning/Rebuild Service

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Step 1:  Package and ship your injectors to us.

Safely wrap your fuel injectors up and place them inside a small box. (We recommend bubble wrap and a small priority box.) If you already have the Micro 1040 Pelican case we offer, simply place that in a large bubble mailer and send off. We are NOT responsible for shipping to us, only back.

Step 2:  Flow test, Ultrasonic clean, Consumable parts rebuild, Final Flow test

Upon receiving them, they will be placed directly on our machine. Flow tested, cleaned, and rebuilt with all new consumable parts including O-Rings, pintle caps if applicable, and filters if applicable. Once they are rebuilt, they will receive an additional flow test to ensure perfect working order before shipping back.

Step 3:  Ship injectors Back to you

We will package your injectors , include the Full Service report, and ship your fuel injectors back to you.


Standard turn-around is 5-6 business days from the day we receive your fuel injectors. For expediting options including 24 hr turn around, please email us at when placing your order.



The Distribution and Atomisation of a GDI Fuel Injector is critical to maintaining the correct Performance, Fuel Economy and Exhaust Emissions on your daily driven or race vehicle.

They are even more important than the quantity of fuel being delivered by each injector to each cylinder. The latest adaptive Engine Management Systems have a Short and Long Term Fuel Trim adjustment, adjusting the fuel delivery as compensation for any discrepancies in the C.O emissions.

An adjustment of up to 15% can be made to the fuel delivery of each injector on some systems, but as there are a number of measurements that contribute to the Fuel Trim Adjustment, these measurements cannot adjust or correctly compensate for poor Fuel Distribution and Atomisation.

Here at Vein Engine Stands and Race accessories LLC we are offering a wide range Fuel Injector cleaning and rebuilding service to correct just that. In our facility we utilize the "Classic GDI" machine from ASNU Fuel Injection. We can service Top and Side feed injectors, Multi-Point/Mono Point, GDI, K-Jetronic, European, Japanese, as well as American fuel injectors.

If you are local to Southern California Inland Empire, contact us via phone for pickup or drop-off information. If you are (SHIPPING) your fuel injectors to us via mail we will provide you an address to receive them on your order.